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Where to find The INFOCOM Gallery on the 'Net. Most of these sites are now outdated if not entirely defunct.
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Sites specifically about Infocom and its products

Infocom - The Master Storytellers
Talk about Too Much Information! Everything you ever wanted to know about Infocom.

The Infocom Walkthrough Archives
Contains walkthrough solutions of all Infocom games, and a few sundry. [Note: both the original site and its mirror are now gone. Available only through]

The Infocom Documentation Project
Adobe Acrobat-formatted (PDF) recreations of the game manuals for most Infocom games. Note that many of the manuals are black and white and intended as temporary until full-colour editions are produced. However, there have been no updates in several years, so methinks this is all you'll get.

Pete's Infocom Page

Infocom reviews

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (java version)

Infocom: The Master Storytellers
(with an excellent article on the shortcomings of The Lost Treasures)

The Rise and Fall of Infocom

Back to the Roots
One of the biggest legal Amiga Game Archives, carries many Infocom titles.

Encyclopedia Frobozzica

The Infocom Fact Sheet by P.D. Doherty
(with a comprehensive list of all Infocom releases)

Text Adventurings

Other text adventure companies, and links of general interest to adventurers

Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
is the best place for North American residents to get their hands on Infocom games.

PDD's Adventure Page

The IF Archive

The IFWiki

The Adult Interactive Fiction Archive

Inform for new writers

The Magnetic Scrolls Gallery (new location)


Where to buy Infocom games

The short answer is nowhere. Activision, the owner of all Infocom products, hasn't made them available for more than a decade, and most of the sites that still carried stock have long ago run out. The (only slightly) longer answer is, there are only two places I know of where you can still get your hands on Infocom products -- but used, not new.

Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
is the best place for North American residents to get their hands on Infocom games.

eBay is the Internet's premier auction site, and Infocom products often (but not so often as they used to) come up for bid.