The Credit Due Page

Creditum emeritus:

First credit goes, of course, to Infocom, Inc. and the Implementors.

Also a tip of the hat to Activision, whose approbation allows this site to continue.

And, of course, I'd like to thank the creators of the original Infocom Gallery, David Sinclair and Julian Linder, wherever they may be.

High praise:

Kudos to Josh Larios, who has maintained the INFOCOM Gallery mirrors for the past four years.


Josh Larios:

Zork User's Group scans: A User's Guide (3 scans), Deadline Map (4 scans), Infocom early logo (1 scan), hint service (3 scans), Starcross map (4 scans), Zork I map (4 scans), Zork II map (4 scans), Zork III map (4 scans), pre-ZUG Zork I map (4 scans).

Chris Boraski
The HTML edition of Zork: The Cavern of Doom.


InfoComics images (many scans).

Now the Geek Credits:

Formmail script on the Contacts Page courtesy of Dagon Design.

Metallic site design lifted from

Parchment site design lifted from the Legends of Zork website.

The download script used on the downloads page is from Stad Taus.