With a pop!, a sizzle and a faint sulpheric odor, suddenly before you stands a strange, demented-looking, wizened figure. Wisps of smoke curl upward from the edges of his flowing, grey beard. "Oops!", he mutters, as he quickly pats down the glowing hairs.

Drawing a wand from the long sleeve of his cloak, he waves it at you and solemnly intones, "Guncho!" In a puff of blue flame, the paper you were holding in your hand vanishes. The old man waves the wand over his own head, a look of triumph flashing in his eyes, as he mutters something that sounds like


and disappears as quickly as he had come. The last echoes of his gleeful cackle fade from the room, drawing with it what little light remained.

Uh-oh. The page you were trying to view seems to have disappeared, and you find yourself standing in complete darkness. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

You may restart, restore a previous position, or consult the book of spells to the left for further options.

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