The Zork Users' Group

User's Guide, Maps and Other Rarities

The demand for Zork maps, tips and, eventually, memorabilia for game enthusiasts and veterans, led Mike Dornbrook (Infocom's first product tester, hired to debug Zork) to establish a service that provided (in the beginning, personalised, type-written) hints and maps to would-be adventurers of the Great Underground Empire.

In September 1981, the organization was formalised as the Zork Users Group, headquartered in Mike's parents' Milwaukee basement, and the product line expanded to include buttons, bumper stickers, posters, t-shirts and a Zorkian newsletter (the forerunner to Infocom's New Zork Times), as well as the ZUG's most enduring contribution to the Infocom legacy, InvisiClues hint-and-map books. In July 1983 -- by which time its mailing list had grown from 700 to over 14,000 -- ZUG was folded back into Infocom as Dornbrook was once again hired on by Infocom, this time as Product Manager in the Department of Consumer Marketing. Below you can browse some real rarities -- high resolution scans of some of the Zork Users Groups offerings, including a pre-ZUG Zork I map, the Zork 1 map designed by Infocom's Steve Meretzky for Zug, and more.

First Logo

A Users Guide

The ZUG Hint Service

A Pre-ZUG Zork 1 Map

ZUG Zork 1 Map

ZUG Zork 2 Map

ZUG Zork 3 Map

ZUG Deadline Map

ZUG Starcross Map

I Heart Zork